BREAK – a mashup of dance, theatre & circus

Break, the courageous new work from The Farm and Cecilia (Ceci) Martin, is an intensely personal exploration of how we define ourselves, what it is to fall apart and how we recover when our dreams shatter.

Ceci has travelled the world as a professional acrobat. She sustained a series of potentially performance-ending injuries and the career she carefully crafted fell to pieces. Now, she’s somewhat healed, somewhat broken, actively defiant and left asking: what happens when our dreams reach breaking point?.

She is strong, determined and putting herself back on stage in the crosshairs of all our expectations as she trawls through her history of injury and questions the cost of her ambition in a mashup of dance, theatre, circus and intense humanity.


Break began as a tale of the body, after multiple wrist injuries halted my career as a professional acrobat and led me to question the very thing that had built my success: my ambition.

Kate, Gavin (The Farm) and I began to question what it means to break, and how you put yourself back together and rebuild yourself. Not only had pushing myself to my limit become normal for me, I kept seeing so many people in my life burning themselves out too. I realised that the same drive that had allowed me to fly was also breaking me.

Break is also a physical love letter to circus and a celebration of the intricate connection that comes with performing in an acrobatic ensemble.

Metro Arts CEO and Artistic Director Jo Thomas:

She feels Metro Arts is the perfect company to work with Ceci on her new creative journey.

Ms Thomas:

I was introduced to Ceci and I’d seen her as part of Circa’s amazing work. This is her own
personal story, it’s what happens when we break, when we push ourselves and it’s asking a
lot of questions about why we do that.

Season Details

Venue: New Benner Theatre
Date: 21 – 24 Jun 2023

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