One Lucky Fox: Bobby Fox releases EP

Bobby Fox
Bobby Fox. Image by Blueprint Studios

Call it luck of the Irish, but multi-talented performer Bobby Fox is clearly on a winning streak.

He answers his phone for a quick chat whilst on a break, in his trailer no less, from shooting a regular role in Channel Nine’s new series, House Husbands.

“I love being able to jump from one thing to another,” Bobby said.

In the past year alone, Irish-born Bobby has jumped from the stage to the studio to screen.

Fresh from playing the original Frankie Valli in record-breaking seasons of Jersey Boys in Melbourne and Sydney, Bobby jumped straight into his next venture, recording original songs.

“It’s been a nerve-wracking thing, man,” he said.

“It’s my creation, it’s my music, it’s just sort of me on the line going down a new avenue that people haven’t really seen before.”

His debut EP titled Extended Play was released on iTunes this week.

It was recorded with his band, The Treatment, early this year, with most of the band branching out from playing on Jersey Boys to rock out with their original Frankie.

“It was just a really natural thing,” Bobby said.

“And it wasn’t just that the boys were local or handy to get a hold of, it’s just because they’re all awesome.”

With co-songwriter, Glenn Quinn, one of Bobby’s best mates and one of his on-stage Tommy DeVitos from Jersey Boys, on board, the EP began to lift.

“We’d been very close friends for a few years and I always knew he had a very creative mind when it came to language,” Bobby said.

“I was coming from an Irish music background where everything is totally melodic, so I knew that melodically I’d be able to cut it and I knew that lyrically he would too.”

Bobby Fox Extended Play - Design by Matthew Backer
Bobby Fox Extended Play – Design by Matthew Backer

With an old-school, pop-rock vibe, Extended Play is an eclectic mix, ranging from radio-friendly pop to more indie orientated tunes, all with Bobby’s signature piercing vocals and some epic guitar riffs thrown in for good measure.

“It’s very story-orientated and essentially it was all about discovering another part of myself and presenting that forward,” he said.

“I want to diversify as a performer, I want to be malleable at all times.

“Hell for me would be sitting around waiting for the next musical that I’m right for to come along and then battling with however many guys that are just as right for it.”

Looks like this Fox clearly makes his own luck.

Bobby Fox + The Treatment, Extended Play, is available now on iTunes.

Extended Play - EP - Bobby Fox & The Treatment


Matthew Backer

Matthew graduated from the University of QLD with a Bachelor of Journalism degree in 2005, later completing his cadetship on The Fraser Coast Chronicle newspaper in 2006. Matthew went on to graduate from NIDA with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art Acting in 2010. Upon graduating, he appeared in Private View which toured to Melbourne's Theatre Works in early 2011. Matthew’s main stage debut was playing Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys throughout 2011. He’ll next be seen in the new Aussie app series, Surry, set to go live in early 2012.

Matthew Backer

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  • Love Bobby Fox and love Matthew Backer – good luck to you both!


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