Bite productions presents Two Twenty Somethings

I’m stressed. I’m worried.
I don’t know how tax works.
I know it’s a thing that happens but I’ve got no idea.
Sometimes I go to T2 and talk to the staff just so I know what it
feels like to be loved.

A young couple are worried about, well, everything. From student debt to hand hygiene, the resurgence of ISIS to talking to the muscly man at the gym…his veins intimidate me. After a ruined dinner, they write a list of everything that troubles them. A deal is made: they will never be stressed about anything, ever again. Ever.

After a year of being inside and on screens, Bite Productions is excited to finally bring this show to Sydney. Two Twenty Somethings asks us what anxiety looks like in a post-covid world. What is worth stressing about? And what does it mean to be a good person?

Directed by Eve Beck with Jasmin Simmons, Kieran McGrath & Elliott Mitchell.

Season Details

Venue: KXT – Kings Cross Theatre
Address: 244-246 William St, Potts Point NSW 2011
Dates: 12 – 22 May 2021. Tues – Sat @ 7:30pm. Sun @ 5:oopm

Photo Credit: Clare Hawley

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