Before playing Jim Morrison, Luigi Lucente shares his favourite Doors covers

Fresh from starring in Dogfight, Luigi Lucente is about to bring his show Jim Morrison: Kaleidoscope to the Hayes Cabaret season.

Luigi Lucente
Luigi Lucente.

Written and musically directed by Lucente, it’s a journey through one of the most iconic rock stars of all time: Jim Morrison.

In the spirit of the show, we asked him to pick out his top five favourite Jim Morrison/The Doors covers. Check out his chosen gems below!

Luigi Lucente: “Many famous musicians, from Jose` Feliciano through to Aerosmith, have tipped their hat to the Jim Morrison/ The Doors catalogue with much universal praise and acclaim.

“Here’s five of my favourites the you might not have heard or recognised before.”



Echo & The Bunnymen – PEOPLE ARE STRANGE

“This jaunty and kooky cover is a toast to the original – as featured in THE LOST BOYS movie soundtrack. I like the new sounds and layers it explores – the keyboard solos combine the 80’s synthesised sounds with the original organ stylings of Ray Manzarek from THE DOORS.”


“Distorted guitar power chords, a tortured female singer and a tempo like a raging libido – it’s a completely raw take on the smooth original but manages to pack plenty of punch.”


“These guys have recently made a comeback – maybe they’ll even resurface this mellow middle-of-the-road 90’s cover on the new setlist. They don’t have to – but I’ll always appreciate this version.”

Billy Idol – L.A WOMAN

“I love this cover so much – Craig McLachlan used it to play it all the time in his dressing room on ROCKY HORROR. The chugging guitar riffs, wild solos, killer vocals and epic drum-fills create a truly mammoth track.”

Shirley Bassey – LIGHT MY FIRE

“More of a novelty to make this list – Shirley manages to make everything sound like it’s from a James Bond soundtrack, this is no exception.”

We decided to throw in one more cover for luck – Luigi Lucente himself singing “Light My Fire.” Catch Jim Morrison: Kaleidoscope at the Hayes Theatre as part of the cabaret season on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 June. Tickets are available here.

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Cassie Tongue

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