Arts funding to provide an advantage to diverse communities

Five arts projects which will have a positive social impact on Queensland places and communities will be realised with Palaszczuk Government investment of almost $240000 through Round 5 of the Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP), Arts Advantage stream.

Minister for the Arts Leeanne Enoch:

QASP – Arts Advantage was designed to expand social benefits across a variety of groups in the community, including those living in aged care, people with disability, LGBTQIA+ people, First Nations people, young people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

This latest round will see a music program tailored to the needs of First Nations communities, visual artists from Afghanistan sharing their stories for positive change, and a Monster Siege on a town created by kids.

QMF will present Generations in Woorabinda and Cherbourg with professional music facilitators and cultural leaders working with participants to compose and record songs.

Martin and Friends features an inclusive cultural experience for children with autism and sensory processing sensitivities, while the Gold Coast’s Pomegranates Connection project will engage visual artists from Afghanistan to tell their positive stories through videography and arts workshops.

 Minister Enoch:

The small town of Kairi in far north Queensland will host the Rainbow Fair, a day of interactive arts experiences for children, families and people with disabilities to enjoy live music, performances, workshops, puppets, theatre and circus.

The Monster Siege is an outdoor participatory theatre experience to be presented in  Toowoomba,  Woodford and Brisbane where kids protect their imaginary town from farcical monsters played by their parents.

Minister Enoch:

This round was the first time the Arts Advantage assessment was conducted by a panel with expertise in social impact, including First Nations representation, to ensure the program delivers positive social outcomes.

The successful applicants deliver on the key priorities of the Queensland Government’s Creative Together roadmap for arts, culture and creativity by elevating First Nations art, activating local places, driving social change, strengthening Queensland communities, and sharing our stories.

Ms Pia Robinson, Founder of the Cultural Crusader :

This support from the Queensland Government will enable this important accessible program ‘Martin and friends’ to be scaled up to reach more young people who will benefit the program through these funds which will be used to pay local creative Queenslanders.

Ms Pia Robinson :

We are so excited about this support from the Queensland Government which will enable this project to reach its full potential in creating a portable exhibition aimed at connecting cultural engagement to young people on the Autism Spectrum and with Sensory Processing Sensitivities through the artwork of Martin Edge.

In 2021-22, QASP has supported 57 applications for total funding of $2,290,239. QASP Arts Advantage Round 6 is now open for applications-

 QASP –ARTS ADVANTAGE round 5 funding recipients

  • QMF- $60000 for Generations, a co-designed music program tailored to the needs of First Nations communities in Woorab inda and Cherbourg. (Brisbane)
  • Ms Pia Robinson – $60000 for Martin and Friends with an inclusive cultural experience for children on the autism spectrum and with sensory processing sensitivities. (Brisbane)
  • Tablelands Music Lovers Community Group Inc. – $27409 for the Kairi Rainbow Fair giving children, families and people with disabilities an opportunity to participate in interactive arts experiences. (Atherton)
  • Gold Coast Multicultural Arts Group In Collaboration Inc- $29200 for Pomegranates Connection project with 10 visual artists from Afghanistan, living in Queensland, sharing their stories through a variety of visual arts. (Gold Coast)
  • Tim Monley – $58292 for Monster Siege a story-driven outdoor theatre experience that engages kids of all abilities, culminating in a performance for the whole family.(Brisbane)

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