ARTEMIS: UTTER MESS to play at La Mama

‘ARTEMIS: UTTER MESS’ welcomes you to join Artemis Muñoz as they unpack their journey to self acceptance live on stage.

This 60-minute cabaret featuring nine-original songs “is a show for anyone who has ever wondered where they belong or been confused about living in a world that takes issue with words of identity and community but is keen to put us in the wrong boxes nonetheless” said Muñoz.

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‘Artemis: Utter Mess’, is a bitingly hilarious deconstruction of the ‘one-man show’ from the perspective of a nonbinary person. This ‘one-enby show’ breaks every possible binary to delight in the chaos of trying to work out who you are. Featuring original songs and utterly endearing storytelling, this show will make you both laugh and think as it tears into our assumptions about labels, language and community.

Both a performer and an activist keen on shaping the world to be a better place for people like them, Artemis Muñoz has
filled this work to the brim with their lived experience. Taking the time to not just explain what it is to be non-binary, asexual, bi-racial and neurodivergent but to take audiences on a journey through which they can experience the intricacies of that reality.

“I see a lot of people talking about ‘diversity’ in a way that’s mostly about ticking boxes.” says Muñoz “Other people have seen that too and then sometimes look at the list of words I use to describe myself and think I’m just jumping on a bandwagon or trying to stand out from the crowd but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is my reality and these words I use to describe myself are the difference between thinking I’m broken and feeling like a whole person. They are the difference between having a community and feeling alone. That’s a world of difference. I wanted to try and make that clear to audiences in a way that’s truthful but also fun and not preachy. That’s why I created Artemis: Utter Mess.”

Artemis Muñoz has recently appeared in ‘Breeders’ (La Mama 2021), ‘Unsorted’ (Midsumma Festival 2021) and countless variety events, including with Green Room Award winning cabaret ensemble the People of Cabaret (MPavilion 2021 and Melbourne Fringe 2020). They are also taking strides as a writer, with several plays in development including Two (VCA reading 2021), ‘Wishful’ (First Stage, MTC and Emerging Writers Festival 2020) and ‘Death Wish’ (Erin Thompson Playwrights Fund 2020 and Write-ability Fellowship 2020).

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Gabi Bergman

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