Adelaide Festival Centre celebrates Lunar New Year with Tale of the Fire Phoenix

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the beautiful Tale of the Fire Phoenix, an interactive musical journey for all ages from Adelaide’s School of Chinese Music & Arts, on Saturday 28 January at Adelaide Festival Centre’s Space Theatre.

The musical storytelling of Zhao Liang, Artistic Principal and founder of the School of Chinese Music & Arts, tells the tale of a beautiful forest that faces drought and a phoenix who wishes for rain despite it being perilous for the mythical bird.

With a fusion of western and Chinese music, this culturally rich story explores the ancient mythology of rebirth and transformation. Discover the beauty of one bird’s sacrifice for the whole forest and participate in this wonderful family friendly tale about caring for our community.

Zhao Liang:

As this project commenced in 2020 it was an important reflection period for me, as an individual and as an artist.

I decided that it was timely to be writing music around the tale of a phoenix, a mythical bird which is talked of by many cultures.

I hope this seeks to connect with diverse audiences with different cultural backgrounds, but also serves to bring across the message of ‘one for all’ to the younger audiences.

Adelaide’s School of Chinese Music & Arts is dedicated to connecting Asian culture to the Australian community through music by delivering workshops for schools, private music tutoring, and conducting music examinations for the Central Conservatory of China.

In recent years the school has been dedicated to developing multicultural community arts and music programs, such as Family Phonics and Multicultural Storytime, a program for children aged 5 and under. Initially funded by Multicultural SA in 2015, the program has been embraced by local councils and libraries and continues to this day.

A highly accomplished performer, Zhao Liang began learning the Guzheng (Chinese harp) at the age of six in Singapore. She has formed the musical ensembles Oriental Flair, Moonta Street and San Ureshi – a unique trio featuring percussion, erhu and guzheng.

Season Details

Venue: Space Theatre| Adelaide Festival Centres
Date: 28 Jan 2023

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