Aboriginal Comedy All Stars, Kevin Kropinyeri and Andy Saunders to tour Adelaide, Hobart, Wollongong and Melbourne

The Aboriginal Comedy All Stars featuring Sean Choolburra, Kevin Kropinyeri, Andy Saunders and Steph Tisdell plus separate solo shows by Andy Saunders and Kevin Kropinyeri are touring the country from February to April.

 Aboriginal Comedy All Stars:

After sell-out seasons and 5-star reviews in the UK, the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars, starring Sean Choolburra, Kevin Kropinyeri, Andy Saunders and Steph Tisdell, are home to bring huge belly laughs from the heart of the wide brown land. The tour includes performances at the Garden of Unearthly Delights at Adelaide Fringe from 14 February to 1 March, Hobart Spiegeltent on 22 March, Melbourne International Comedy Festival on 11 & 12 March and the Wollongong Spiegeltent on 26 April.

From over 60,000 years of storytellers, joke makers and laugh providers, it’s the all-original Aboriginal Comedy Allstars showcase.  Featuring the brightest Aboriginal comedian stars in Australia fresh from sell-out shows and 5 star reviews, this show is fun, cheeky, thought-provoking and absolutely hilarious!

Andy Saunders – The Black:

Comedy favourite Andy Saunders will be performing at Adelaide Fringe from 25 February to 1 March and at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from 7 – 19 April.

Andy is a child, an adult, a husband and dad. He is a comedian, beatboxer, imitator and agitator. Having never watched an episode, Andy became a reality TV star with wife Deb on The Block in 2019. With an impressive and extraordinary ability to use humour to break down barriers and stereotypes as well as provoke thought in any audience, Andy take satire to new heights.

Kevin Kropinyeri:

One of Australia’s premier Indigenous comedians, Kevin Kropinyeri will be performing at Adelaide Fringe from 18 February to 1 March and at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival from 26 March to 19 April.

Fresh from a big adventure overseas, Kev has returned home with new experiences and a new show! Kevin Kropinyeri is a one-man whirlwind that will have you holding your sides laughing, as he shares tales of growing up, marriage and the particular, absurd challenges of life as an Aboriginal Australian family man.

A high-energy performer, Kevin is sharp, likeable, silly and measured; mixing keen observational standup with joyfully ridiculous physical comedy. Kevin tours Australia constantly, appearing all over the country, including at some of its most remote communities, and is a bona fide star of the Indigenous performing arts, appearing at the Deadly Awards at the Sydney Opera House six years running.

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Gabi Bergman

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