A Very Naughty Christmas

Reading the promo material from Understudy Productions, I quickly get the impression that A Very Naughty Christmas is a raunchy Christmas cabaret.

A Very Naughty Christmas. Image supplied.
A Very Naughty Christmas. Image supplied.

Chatting to actor and comedian Emily Vascotto confirms this is indeed a part of the picture. “It’s a really funny, random mix of very flawed characters. We all have reindeer names and work for Santa (Stephen Hirst – Company, Spamalot, Into the Woods).

She confirms there is a general narrative running through the show, but but within a cabaret style framework.  “It’s also a mix of your favourite Christmas songs made naughty, or which poke fun at political situations. But really, the whole show is about family.”

Vascotto plays Donna who she describes as “a very overbearing motherly type who wants the best for everyone and is very politically correct.” Chris Kellett (Boy & Girl, Spamalot) plays Cupid, who is “the gross, drunk uncle at every Christmas lunch.”

According to Vascotto, the show is unexpectedly not “in your face” and makes quite a lot of commentary.

“It has quite a bit of heart. It happens to be naughty, but it has a beautiful message.”

Although Vascotto considers herself first and foremost a comedian – she won the 2016 RAW Comedy Competition – the aspect of the show that Vascotto is most looking forward to is the music.

“Christmas songs are like my crack. I’m excited to be singing Christmas songs and making people laugh”, she said.

Some of her favourite Christmas carols are Mariah Carey’s, ‘All I want for Christmas is you’, ‘Mistletoe’ by Justin Bieber, as well as the classic ‘Joy to the World’.

Vascotto herself is no stranger to naughty Christmases. Her favourite naughty Christmas tradition is to hollow out pineapples with her sister, which they then fill with alcohol. When I ask what she enjoys most about Christmas, her first reaction is “Food!” However, she takes a moment to reconsider. “Being with family, and making fun of them”.

So if you also enjoy family and Christmas, bring your family to A Very Naughty Christmas – though be advised there will be nudity at this particular nativity.

A Very Naughty Christmas will be playing at the Brisbane Powerhouse from 7-16 December. For more information, checkout the Brisbane Powerhouse website.


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