For those baking and eating too much in isolation right now

When Melbourne Australia based Actress, Lara Bianca Pilcher experienced the arts industry closures, she took on the creative challenge of creating her own work and being a film crew of one. Lara created a short film “I don’t diet, Post Isolation” and her latest character, NIGELA’ra and with more than 1000k+ hits on Facebook within a few days (and counting) she has brought joy to many around the world.

With so many artists uncertain about what their future looks like Lara shares that, “I have spent this time diving deep into my craft and really reflecting on what it is that I love about the arts industry, for me it’s giving people joy and a moment of narrative that allows them to breathe in some calm amongst the chaos life can bring. So often we only focus on me, myself and I in Acting and our mental health suffers and this is a time to be reminded of creating for the joy of it again.”

Lara trained in the UK at the prestigious Arts Educational School, London and has performed in Theatre, Film and Television around the world. Her 20 years of performing, global view and experiences of the arts and entertainment industry, have shown her that we share a common thread.

Creatives that survive in the arts industry do so because they have a deep sense that there isn’t anything else they want to do that brings them the same depth of fulfilment. I have always told younger performers, if there is anything else you want to do that brings you as much joy, do that. I don’t get my worth from this industry, I get it from making art that makes me happy.

Lara is also the host of the VDF podcast and the founder of an arts charity that seeks to help transform lives using the tool of creativity, Artists House International. Lara seeks to make the world a better place through creativity and the arts.

You can watch Lara Bianca Pilcher perform her 1 woman comedy short film using a camera crew of 1 (her), here:

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