Communications Manager

  • Full Time
  • Hobart


The Communications Manager position is TSO’s in-house wordsmith and communications guru – if you are someone who intuitively knows what the right message is, for the right audience, at the right time, we want to hear from you.

Duties and Responsibilities

Content Creation

  • Develop and / or collaborate on compelling written content for a variety of platforms including website, social media, eDMs and newsletters, press releases, digital content, corporate and brand publications, internal communications, and concert program material
  • Skilfully and efficiently tailor written content to different audiences, including current and potential customers, donors and partners, media outlets, musicians and staff, and community partners
  • Develop and / or collaborate on compelling written content for the Board, CEO, and / or Executive Team as required for governance, corporate reporting, government advocacy, and brand profiling activities
  • Assume editorial and project management responsibility for key corporate publications (particularly the Annual Report and Strategic Plan), combining written, visual, numerical and infographic material into coherent and striking publications that showcase and amplify TSO’s achievements and impact
  • Collaborate with TSO’s artistic and administrative teams artistic to ensure accurate representation of the orchestra’s artistic activities, strategic initiatives, and events

Strategy Development

  • Develop and execute integrated communication strategies and plans that incorporate TSOs vision, strategy, target audiences, key messages, and sales and / or engagement targets

Digital Marketing & Engagement Communication

  • Create and / or collaborate on the written messaging for the orchestra’s digital presence across various platforms, including website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns
  • Monitor and analyse metrics to measure the effectiveness of communication efforts and make data-driven decisions for optimization
  • Collaborate on social media campaigns and execution including, as required and depending on experience, being willing to monitor / post to social media platforms and engage with users at specified times, as part of an overall social media management plan

Media Relations

  • During periods where TSO has engaged an external public relations agency, manage the relationship with this agency regarding the ideation, pitching, and placement of compelling stories regarding TSO’s activity and impact across the media landscape
  • As required, assist TSOs external public relations agency with briefing and supporting conductors, soloists, musicians, and staff who are undertaking media interviews or activity on behalf of TSO, including accompanying them to interviews as required

Issues Management & Crisis Communication

  • Develop and / or advise on proactive strategies and protocols for managing potential crises or negative publicity
  • Skilfully manage and / or collaborate with Executive Team members to coordinate messaging to internal and external stakeholders, to ensure relevant members of the TSO community remain informed with the right information at the right time

Internal Communications

  • Provide specialist expertise to, and collaborate with, the CEO and Director People & Culture regarding internal communications including but not limited to key company announcements, the regular employee newsletter, presentations at whole-of-company meetings, and TSO’s future intranet (currently planned for 2025)
  • Understand the symbiotic relationship between TSOs values (connection, artistry, integrity) and internal communications, and embed these values in communications to further enhance workplace culture

Brand Management

  • Uphold and strengthen the orchestra’s brand identity through consistent messaging and tone of voice
  • Ensure all communications align with brand guidelines and reflect the organization’s values and artistic vision


Selection Criteria

  • Your number one superpower is your exceptional writing prowess You have a demonstrated ability to write engaging and persuasive content across various styles and platforms, and a proven track record of tailoring messaging to different audiences while maintaining clarity, consistency, and brand voice
  • You love to be guided by strategy…. You have experience developing and executing communication strategies that align with organizational goals and objectives, and the ability to analyse audience demographics and preferences to inform content strategy and maximize engagement
  • …and always stay on-brand You understand brand identity principles and have the ability to uphold and strengthen the organization’s brand through consistent messaging, and have experience working within and enforcing brand guidelines to ensure alignment across all communication channels
  • You have experience securing impactful media coverage You have a demonstrated ability to draft, pitch, and secure press coverage – with existing understanding of the Tasmanian media landscape, and / or experience working productively with an external PR agency or consultant highly regarded
  • You are comfortable preparing, and tracking the impact of, digital communications You are proficient in creating written content for digital platforms, and have knowledge of digital marketing communication trends and best practice
  • You are calm, strategic, and proactive during difficult moments You can develop proactive strategies and protocols for managing potential crises or negative publicity with transparency and integrity, and can support leaders to address media inquiries, internal and external stakeholder concerns, and reputational risks
  • You thrive when collaborating with other subject matter experts You possess strong interpersonal skills with a second-to-none ability to collaborate, building solid relationships with diverse stakeholders, internal and external
  • You consistently reflect on the effectiveness of your work You have strong problem-solving skills with the ability to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement in communication efforts, using data and metrics as required
  • Grounded in your strategy and the brand, you are comfortable to pivot and adapt when needed You have the capacity to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, managing multiple priorities and deadlines with flexibility and composure. You are resilient in the face of challenges and quickly adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining professionalism and focus
  • You are genuinely passionate about the arts, and can communicate its importance and impact  You have genuine enthusiasm for the performing arts, with a deep appreciation for the mission and values of TSO – with classical music knowledge a plus!

A note on Selection Criteria…Data shows that candidates, particularly women and members of marginalised communities, often self-select out of applying for positions if they don’t feel they meet every selection criterion. At TSO, all employees are expected to hold a core level of competency and professionalism in their role, however a candidate’s alignment with our values, and willingness for learning and expansion of their skillset through training and mentorship, are very important to us. If you meet some of the selection criteria, and feel you have something special to offer the TSO, we strongly encourage you to get in touch and to apply.  

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for this role, please first read the full Information Package available on our website, then submit the following documents to provide TSO a flavour of who you are and what you could bring to the role:

  • A current CV that summarises your previous work history, skills, and attributes and includes the names of two referees
  • A document or cover letter (no more than three pages long) that addresses how your skills and experience meet the selection criteria, or otherwise make you the perfect person for this position
  • Peruse the TSO website (the ‘News’ and ‘What’s On’ sections are good places to start) and write one brief paragraph (only a couple of sentences) for each of the below prompts:
    • An Instagram caption for an upcoming concert
    • An Annual Report-style summary of a recent community-focused TSO activity
    • A staff newsletter introduction of a new TSO musician or staff member

Please submit this in one combined document, in PDF format with your full name in the file name, addressed to Peter Kilpatrick, Director Audience & Experience.

Applications can be emailed directly to [email protected]

The closing date for this role is Wednesday 22 May, 5pm

The TSO intends to hold initial interviews for short-listed candidates the following week, at or near our Hobart office. Online interviews can be accommodated for interstate candidates who cannot travel for an in-person interview.

If you wish to understand more about the role before applying, please contact Peter Kilpatrick, Director Audience & Experience via [email protected] in the first instance.

The TSO celebrates workforce diversity and welcomes applications from all members of the community. We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, colour, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or gender identity. 

If you have any accessibility requirements relating to applying for this role and attending an interview, please do not hesitate to contact Alison Nadebaum, Director People & Culture, via [email protected] so that we can accommodate these needs.

To apply for this job please visit