World Premiere of The Hunger Games Stage Show Set for Next Year in London

London’s theatre community is poised for a transformative moment with the anticipated world debut of The Hunger Games, a riveting stage adaptation of the highly celebrated franchise. Slated for next autumn, this enthralling performance is drawn from both the seminal book and the blockbuster film. The adaptation is a brainchild of the distinguished Conor McPherson, renowned for his work on ‘Girl from the North Country,’ and will be under the direction of the illustrious Matthew Dunster, celebrated for his contributions to ‘The Pillowman.’

Though details about the venue remain under wraps, the excitement surrounding this theatrical spectacle is swiftly intensifying. The narrative plunges audiences into a grim dystopian universe, chronicling the intense ordeal of teenagers from diverse districts as they are thrust into combat against each other for the amusement of a sinister aristocracy, with the character Katniss Everdeen standing out as a central figure.

Suzanne Collins, the acclaimed author of The Hunger Games series, is actively participating in this theatrical venture, working closely with the production team to translate her vision onto the stage. McPherson shared his gratitude for being part of the project, emphasizing the timeless relevance of the story’s themes such as resilience, self-reliance, and ethical inquiry, particularly crucial for young audiences in the contemporary world.

The production has assembled an exceptional creative team, with Miriam Buether spearheading set design, Moi Tran orchestrating costume design, Charlotte Broom leading choreography, Lucy Carter managing lighting design, Ian Dickinson for Autograph curating sound design, Tal Rosner crafting video design, Kev McCurdy directing fight choreography, John Maddox for Suspended Illusions overseeing performer flying, Amy Ball heading casting direction, and Gary Beestone acting as production manager.

Jenefer Brown, serving as EVP and Head of Global Products and Experiences at Lionsgate, expressed her deep sense of pride in the franchise’s enduring legacy and its profound influence on audiences, highlighting its capacity to invoke thoughtful contemplation on the resilience of the human spirit. Lionsgate played a pivotal role in transforming the book series into a global film phenomenon.

Dunster expressed his exhilaration about joining the project, recounting his instant enthusiasm upon learning the title and articulating his deep appreciation for both the Lionsgate films and Suzanne Collins’ masterful storytelling. He underscored the rare opportunity to create a theatrical experience that remains true to the novel and film while providing audiences with an enthralling and immersive experience.

As the theatre community eagerly anticipates more details on casting, performance dates, and ticket availability, the excitement for The Hunger Games stage show continues to escalate, promising a spellbinding and inventive theatrical experience for both long-time fans and newcomers.

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