Wicked’s Enchanting Journey: 17 Years of West End Magic

Today, the enchanting world of Wicked commemorates 17 luminous years on London’s illustrious West End stage. Ever since its captivating debut at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in 2006, its allure has been unyielding.

Drawing inspiration from Gregory Maguire’s imaginative novel, this musical presents a fresh twist on L Frank Baum’s timeless classic, ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.’ The numbers speak volumes: nearly 12 million theatre-goers in London have been enraptured. By 22 September 2023, Wicked gracefully surpassed 6512 performances, cementing its place as one of the West End’s most enduring productions.

In response to its enduring popularity, an exciting release of over 500,000 new tickets ensures fans can immerse themselves in its wonder until 15 December 2024. What’s more, theatre aficionados have seven more chances to be mesmerized with additional shows announced for select dates in 2023 and 2024, all set for 2:30 pm.

Michael McCabe, the guiding hand behind Wicked in the UK, graciously acknowledges the unwavering support from audiences and the extraordinary team at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. Their collective passion has been instrumental in sustaining Wicked’s enchantment over its 17-year reign.

Boasting an impressive tally of over 100 international awards, the musical’s brilliance lies in Stephen Schwartz’s evocative tunes and Winnie Holzman’s compelling story. With Wayne Cilento choreographing and Joe Mantello directing, it’s a theatrical masterpiece.

The magic isn’t confined to London, though. Wicked is preparing to embark on a tour, enchanting audiences from Edinburgh to Manchester and points in between, delighting the UK and Ireland.

The current dazzling West End cast, set to shine till 12 March 2024, includes remarkable talents like Alexia Khadime, Lucy St. Louis, Ryan Reid, and a host of others who breathe life into this spellbinding saga.

Behind this theatrical phenomenon stand industry stalwarts like Marc Platt, David Stone, Universal Stage Productions, and the guiding influence of Michael McCabe, ensuring Wicked’s legacy remains undiminished.

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