The Theatrical Titans Extend Their Reign: Hamilton & Les Misérables

Producer Cameron Mackintosh, is doubling down on theatrical excellence, extending the spellbinding performances of two monumental musicals.

🎭 At Victoria Palace Theatre, dive deep into the revolutionary world of Hamilton. Declan Spaine takes center stage as Alexander Hamilton, with an ensemble of outstanding talent supporting the vibrant narrative. Witness Simon-Anthony Rhoden as Aaron Burr, Ava Brennan as Angelica Schuyler, Shan Ako as Eliza Hamilton, and a host of other brilliant stars. Special mention to Alex Sawyer who will don Alexander Hamilton’s shoes on select performances. The ensemble’s depth is further enriched by Gabriela Acosta, Elizabeth Armstrong, Alishia-Marie Blake, and many more passionate artists.

🎭 Sondheim Theatre is alight with the dramatic intensity of Les Misérables. Led by the soulful Josh Piterman as Jean Valjean and the fierce Stewart Clarke as Javert, the cast is a constellation of theatrical brilliance. Katie Hall, Will Callan, Amena El-Kindy, and Luke Kempner, among others, deliver performances that tug at heartstrings. The stage also beams with the talents of Annabelle Aquino, Hazel Baldwin, Brad Barnley, and a plethora of gifted performers.

This is a rendezvous with history and passion, a journey through song and story that’s unlike any other. And the best part? Both these masterpieces are now open for booking until 28 September 2024.

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