The 1985 Live Aid Phenomenon: From Concert to West End Musical!

The monumental legacy of the 1985 Live Aid benefit concert is set to dazzle London’s West End as the musical, ‘Just for One Day’, scheduled to premiere in January 2024.

This isn’t your typical tribute show. Instead, ‘Just for One Day’ takes us on a riveting journey behind the scenes of the iconic concert. Set against the backdrop of the lyric from David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, the story unfolds around the relentless efforts of activist and musician Bob Geldof and singer-songwriter Midge Ure as they brought to life a concert for the ages, uniting stars and fans in a bid to combat famine in Ethiopia.

While the stage won’t recreate the legendary rock stars, the aura of Live Aid will resonate with performances of classic hits by an array of iconic artists like Bob Dylan, Queen, Elton John, U2, and many more.

The mastermind behind the Mrs. Doubtfire musical, John O’Farrell, penned this transformative tale while Luke Sheppard, acclaimed director of & Juliet, will take the directorial reins. Moreover, the collaboration extends to Sir Bob Geldof himself, ensuring an authentic representation of events.

Contrary to what one might assume, the musical isn’t merely a series of glamorous rock ‘n’ roll numbers. The narrative is deeply rooted in real testimonies from the day, capturing genuine experiences and emotions. As Geldof articulated, this intricate theatre production intertwines real stories with powerful music to offer a dramatic rollercoaster.

Having witnessed a preview, Geldof, alongside other Band Aid trustees, was profoundly touched, describing it as a deeply moving experience where ‘there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.’

Craige Els, known for his roles in Doctor Who and stage hits like Matilda the Musical, will be stepping into the shoes of Geldof. The ensemble also features talented artists like Naomi Katiyo, Julie Atherton, and Jackie Clune.

Celebrating a concert that rallied 70 artists, captivated a global audience of 1.5 billion, and raised a staggering $127 million for famine relief, ‘Just for One Day’ is more than just a musical; it’s a tribute to unity, compassion, and the power of music.

Mark your calendars for a transformative theatre experience at London’s Old Vic Theatre from January 26 to March 30, 2024. Don’t miss out on this celebration of history, passion, and rock ‘n’ roll!

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