Protest Disrupts Hillary Clinton’s Broadway Musical ‘Suffs’

It is being reported that a Broadway musical co-produced by former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced disruption from self-proclaimed ‘radical’ protesters on Tuesday. The protesters argued that the production, which centers on the American women’s suffrage movement, presents a ‘whitewashed’ version of history.

The musical, titled ‘Suffs: The Musical,’ is described on its website as a show that ‘brings to life a complicated chapter in the ongoing battle for the right to vote: the American women’s suffrage movement,’ and ‘boldly explores the victories and failures of a fight for equality that is still far from over.’

Reports indicate that during Tuesday’s performance, cell phone footage captured protesters in the high balcony seating near the main stage unfurling a banner that read, ‘SUFFS IS A WHITE WASH’ while chanting, ”Suffs’ is a whitewash! Cancel ‘Suffs!” The banner reportedly included a URL linking to the group’s anti-Suffs website, which claims that the musical ‘teaches history but really it’s a whitewashed, slanted, and ultimately dangerous version of history.’ The site also states, ”SUFFS’ is a betrayal of the next generation of feminists. We REJECT this rehashed white feminism. This action is brought to you by an autonomous group of radical, anti-racist, queer feminists.’

The protest reportedly lasted no more than 20 seconds, prompting a brief interruption of the show. A representative from the production did not comment on the message of the protest but assured that ‘at no point was the safety of any company members or patrons at the Music Box Theatre compromised.’

This incident is reported to be the second major interruption of a Broadway musical by far-left protesters in recent months. On March 15, ‘An Enemy of the People,’ starring Jeremy Strong and Michael Imperioli, was reportedly stopped by a climate activist group chanting ‘No theater on a dead planet!’

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