London’s West End Welcomes Cake: The Marie Antoinette Playlist

Next month, the prestigious West End is set to host the sensational new production, Cake: The Marie Antoinette Playlist. This unique fusion of musical, concert, and ballet will captivate audiences at the renowned Lyric Theatre for an exclusive week-long showcase.

From the earlier tour this year, Zizi Strallen, known for her role in Mary Poppins, returns to play Marie Antoinette. The esteemed Renée Lamb, celebrated for her portrayal in SIX, will take on the role of Jeanne. Additional casting details are eagerly awaited by fans.

The narrative delves into Antoinette’s tumultuous reign, overshadowed by rumours and sensations, leading up to the historic French Revolution. The tale is crafted by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Tasha Taylor-Johnson, complemented by a musical score from Jack McManus and Taylor-Johnson. With the direction and choreography helmed by Drew McOnie, the stage is set for an unforgettable performance. Sami Fendall spearheads set and costume design, while the lighting and sound have been fine-tuned by Joshie Harriette and Andy Sharman, respectively. Will Burton manages the casting.

The prior regional tour of Cake provided a wealth of insights, helping to shape its essence, narrative, presentation, and the target audience. These insights have been used over recent months to hone the production further. In a nod to Antoinette’s birth year, tickets for the debut show are priced at a symbolic £17.55, underscoring a commitment to both accessibility and inclusivity. Whisperings suggest the production team is scouting for a permanent residence for the show.

The grandeur of Cake: The Marie Antoinette Playlist is slated for the West End’s Lyric Theatre from 20th to 24th September 2023.

Photo Credit: Mark Senior

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