Ghost Stories to Embark on National Tour

The spooky thriller ‘Ghost Stories’ is set to embark on its first full UK tour, bringing chills and thrills to audiences nationwide. Created by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman, the hit show will open at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley on January 17, 2025.

‘Ghost Stories’ follows the journey of Professor Goodman, a skeptic determined to debunk the paranormal. He investigates three hauntings reported by a night-watchman, a teenage boy, and a businessman expecting his first child. As Goodman delves deeper, his quest challenges the boundaries of rationality.

The last UK appearance of ‘Ghost Stories’ was in 2019, with successful runs at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith and the Ambassador’s Theatre in the West End. A partial UK tour in early 2020 was cut short by the pandemic.

Creators Dyson and Nyman shared their excitement about the upcoming tour, stating, “We are beyond excited that ‘Ghost Stories’ will be scaring the hell out of audiences around the country in its first ever full national tour. It’s 15 years since we first brought screams, laughs, jumps, and killer twists to the theatre and we can’t wait to do it again. Are you brave enough to book?”

Audiences are advised that the show contains extreme shock and tension, making it unsuitable for those under 15 or with a nervous disposition.

Following its opening in Bromley, the tour will visit numerous locations, including Richmond, Plymouth, Sheffield, Milton Keynes, Salford, Cheltenham, Woking, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Norwich, Newcastle, Nottingham, Southend, Birmingham, Belfast, Leicester, Wycombe, Southampton, Brighton, Shrewsbury, Malvern, and Cardiff.

Prepare to be scared as ‘Ghost Stories’ brings its spine-tingling experience to a theatre near you.

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