Fat Ham announces full cast and creative team on Broadway

Exciting news for Fat Ham theatre fans! The highly anticipated Broadway premiere of James Ijames’ Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy, Fat Ham, is set to take the American Airlines Theatre by storm this spring. And the complete cast and creative team have just been announced, adding to the anticipation!

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Fat Ham is a Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy by James Ijames that takes inspiration from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The play is a contemporary retelling of the classic story, set in a world of hip-hop music, African American culture, and fast food.

The story follows Juicy, a successful fast-food entrepreneur, who is struggling with the death of his father and the inheritance of his family’s business. When his mother marries his uncle, Juicy begins to suspect foul play and sets out to uncover the truth. Along the way, he encounters a cast of eccentric characters, including his childhood friend Tedra, his half-brother Tio, and a mysterious stranger named Opal.

The play explores themes of grief, identity, and family relationships, all through a modern lens. With its clever writing, humour, and vibrant staging, Fat Ham is a thought-provoking and entertaining show that is sure to captivate audiences.

Following its successful 2022 off-Broadway run, the principal cast will reprise their roles on Broadway, including Marcel Spears as Juicy, Nikki Crawford as Tedra, and Billy Eugene Jones as Rev/Pap, among others. With a talented company of actors and understudies, the show promises to be a smash hit.

The casting of Fat Ham is in the expert hands of Kate Murray, whose reputation precedes her in selecting the perfect actors for each role. And with the addition of fight director Lisa Kopitsky and singing coach Deborah Lapidus to the creative team, this Broadway production is sure to be a spectacular theatrical experience.

Directed by the highly acclaimed Saheem Ali, Fat Ham is set to start previews on March 21, with an official opening night scheduled for April 12.

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