‘Death Becomes Her’ Musical Set to Dazzle in North American Debut with Star-Studded Cast

Hey theater fans, guess what? The full lineup for the much-anticipated musical ‘Death Becomes Her’ has just dropped, and it’s shaping up to be an absolute powerhouse of talent for its North American debut in Chicago. We’re talking a roster so stacked, it’s like the Avengers of Broadway are assembling at the Cadillac Palace Theatre from April 30 to June 2. This pre-Broadway stint is brought to you by Broadway In Chicago and Universal Theatrical Group, so you know it’s going to be big.

Leading the charge are the fabulously talented Megan Hilty, known for her role in ‘Smash,’ as Madeline Ashton and Jennifer Simard from ‘Company’ as Helen Sharp. But wait, there’s more! Christopher Sieber, our beloved Shrek, is stepping into the shoes of Ernest Menville, and guess who’s joining as Viola Van Horn? None other than Grammy winner Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame. Talk about star power!

The ensemble cast is nothing to sneeze at either. It’s a who’s who of Broadway and beyond, featuring talents like Marija Abney from ‘Black Panther,’ Sarita Colon, Kaleigh Cronin of ‘Cabaret,’ and a whole host of others who’ve been dazzling audiences in everything from ‘Beetlejuice’ to ‘Schmigadoon!’.

‘Dying’ to know what the show’s about? It’s a riotous journey following Madeline Ashton, a stage and screen diva who’s all about herself, and her ‘best frenemy,’ author Helen Sharp. Their already complicated relationship hits new highs (and lows) when Madeline runs off with Helen’s fiancé, only for both of them to encounter the mysterious Viola Van Horn and her youth-restoring potion. Cue the eternal beauty (and beef)!

At the helm of this comedic chaos is Tony winner Christopher Gattelli, with tunes whipped up by Julia Mattison and Noel Carey, and a story penned by Marco Pennette. The music? Oh, it’s in the capable hands of Mary-Mitchell Campbell, with a little help from Doug Besterman’s orchestrations and Sam Davis’s dance arrangements. Plus, the show’s got a visual feast in store, thanks to the creative prowess of folks like Derek McLane (set design), Paul Tazewell (costumes), and a whole team dedicated to making sure every illusion, wig, and punch thrown looks as dazzling as the cast.

So, if you’re into a blend of biting wit, eternal beauty battles, and show-stopping numbers, keep your eyes peeled for ‘Death Becomes Her.’ It’s set to be a theatrical ride you won’t want to miss. Get ready for a show that promises laughs, gasps, and maybe a potion or two to keep you looking fabulous forever.

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