Brokeback Mountain stage adaptation to premiere in the West End

Get ready for an unforgettable theatrical experience as the West End prepares for the world premiere stage adaptation of the acclaimed short story Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx. With a fresh script by Ashley Robinson and powerful original songs by Dan Gillespie Sells, this production promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Brokeback Mountain stage adaptation to run in the West End with Mike Faist and Lucas Hedges

Directed by Jonathan Butterell and produced by the talented team behind the hit musical ‘Everybody’s Talking About Jamie’, this production brings to life the timeless and universal story of two young cowboys whose irresistible love spans two decades. With Tony and BAFTA Award-nominated Mike Faist as Jack and Academy Award-nominated Lucas Hedges as Ennis, the audience is sure to be mesmerised.

Brokeback Mountain was released as a film in 2005, directed by Ang Lee. The movie told the story of the two cowboys, Ennis Del Mar (played by Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), who meet and form a deep, complex emotional and sexual relationship while working as sheepherders in the remote mountains of Wyoming in the 1960s. The film explores themes of love, societal expectations, and personal struggles as both characters navigate their lives, marriages, and the powerful bond they share over the course of two decades. The movie garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards for its sensitive portrayal of the characters’ relationship and the challenges they face.

But it’s not just the star-studded cast that’s making this production one to watch out for. The intimate and intense auditorium of @sohoplace, the brand new venue where the play will be staged, promises to bring the audience closer to the heart of the story. Eddi Reader’s unforgettable voice as the Balladeer and an on-stage band featuring legendary artists like Sean Green, Meelie Traill, Julian Jackson, and BJ Cole, will create a mesmerizing soundscape that will transport the audience to the vast and brutal outer landscape of Wyoming in 1963.

This production promises to open new sightlines that were never visible in the film. With Robinson’s fresh script and Butterell’s skilled direction, the play explores the complex lives of working-class men, struggling to survive the harsh brutality of their environment and the insularity of their thinking. And with Gillespie Sells’ beautiful songs, the production provides the perfect canvas for Proulx’s poetic prose to literally sing.

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