Andrew Lloyd Webber Reveals Completion of His Next Musical

Starlight Express has just commenced previews, and while it’s making a thrilling return to London, Andrew Lloyd Webber is already set to unveil his next musical creation.

In an interview with The Telegraph this weekend, Lloyd Webber disclosed that he has completed his next “big” show, although its subject and title remain a closely guarded secret.

Earlier this year, tabloids speculated that Lloyd Webber might reunite with Tim Rice to produce music for a Sherlock Holmes-themed show, but this may be an entirely separate project. Last year, Lloyd Webber hinted at the possibility of venturing into immersive theatre, stating, “The next thing I do may go a different way.”

Meanwhile, Starlight Express occupies his immediate attention. Lloyd Webber shared with The Telegraph that the show is, in some ways, dedicated to his late son Nicholas Lloyd Webber, who passed away last spring. Reflecting on a pivotal moment in the 1980s, he recounted a trip to the US where young Nicholas saw a steam train for the first time, saying, “I’ll never forget Nick’s face when he saw a steam train coming.”

As Starlight Express races back into the limelight, anticipation builds for Lloyd Webber’s forthcoming project, promising yet another captivating addition to his illustrious repertoire.

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