A New Immersive Experience: ‘Life and Trust’ Opens in August

‘Life and Trust,’ a groundbreaking new immersive-theatre production from Emursive, the creators behind the acclaimed ‘Sleep No More,’ has announced its official opening date. Performances began on June 17 in the historic Conwell Tower, which also houses the Conwell Coffee Hall. The official opening is set for August 1.

This site-specific theatrical experience reimagines the Faustian legend set in New York on the eve of the Great Crash. Audiences have the unique opportunity to explore the sprawling world of ‘Life and Trust’ at their own pace, as the lines between reality and performance blur.

Written by Jon Ronson, the author of ‘The Psychopath Test,’ ‘Life and Trust’ is directed by Teddy Bergman. Experience direction and scenic design are provided by Gabriel Hainer Evansohn. The production is co-directed and choreographed by Jeff Kuperman and Rick Kuperman, with creative casting and movement direction by Stefanie Batten Bland. The team also includes co-choreographers and associate directors Kristen Carcone, Lauren Yalango-Grant, Christopher Cree, and Emily Terndrup.

The creative team for ‘Life and Trust’ boasts an impressive lineup of talents, including Emilio Sosa (costume designer), J. Jared Janas (hair and makeup designer), Jeanette Yew (lighting designer), Ray Sun (video designer), Taylor Bense (music director and composer), Owen Belton (music composer), Brendan Aanes, Michael Kiley, Nick Kourtides (sound designers), Greg Hanson (sound and show control systems designer), Grace Laubacher (scenic designer), Jessie Flynn (details designer and art director), Lorenzo Pisoni (magic designer), Alicia Rodis (intimacy director), and Ann James (sensitivity specialist).

The production features a diverse company of over 40 performers, devisers, and contributing choreographers, including Bria Bacon, Tony Bordonaro, Sophie Bortolussi, Nathaniel Buchsbaum, Marc J. Cardarelli, Aaron Dalla Villa, Tiffany Violet De Alba, Charles-Alexis Desgagnés, Mia DiLena, Brendan Duggan, Zachary Eisenstat, Raymond Ejiofor, Kim Fischer, Jennifer Florentino, Reshma Gajjar, Douglas J Gillespie, Annie Grove, Alonso Guzman, Dorchel Haqq, Casey Bronwyn Howes, Karl Kenzler, Heather Lang, Majella Bess Loughran, Jodi McFadden, Nando Morland, Parker Murphy, Kevin M. Pajarillaga, Marla Phelan, Randolph Curtis Rand, Luca Renzi, Gabriella Sibeko, Tori Sparks, Brandin Steffensen, Derek Tabada, Tony Torn, Mike Tyus, Robert Vail, Ryan VanCompernolle, Jacob Michael Warren, Maleek M. Washington, and Madeline Wright.

‘Life and Trust’ promises to deliver a captivating and immersive experience that will transport audiences to a richly imagined world, making it a must-see event in the New York theatre scene. With a talented and diverse cast and crew, this production is set to be a landmark in immersive theatre. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unique theatrical journey starting August 1.

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