Video → Idina Menzel live at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Broadway superstar Idina Menzel headlined the closing night of this year’s Adelaide Cabaret Festival, performing to a sold-out crowd at the Festival Theatre, and we were there to capture the magic!

This special video feature includes footage from several of Idina’s songs from the concert, accompanied by the Adelaide Art Orchestra and conducted by Vanessa Scammell.


Filmed and edited by Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels

Chris Daniels is an award winning filmmaker based in Adelaide. He is passionate about the theatre and good quality, locally produced content. Chris has spent five years as a student and practicing film maker.

2 thoughts on “Video → Idina Menzel live at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival

  • Hi Chris,
    I’m Anjali. I was one of the people that got chosen from the audience to perform on Saturday night. Do you have any footage or photos of me singing with Idina? I would love them. Please email me at [email protected]
    Thanks (hopefully)

    • Anjali- you were amazing!


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