Mission Impossible: Keeping a Secret In the Industry


Grab a coffee, I have a secret to tell you! Well actually, I’m not allowed..

The past few weeks have been so exciting. I just returned from Melbourne where I had the pleasure of seeing some amazing theatre, taking great dance classes, catching up with some of my best friends and even got to do a few auditions as a bonus! But the whole time, I was carrying a deep, dark secret…Literally.

I had the script of the Squabbalogic ‘Mystery Musical’ in my bag.

Today was our first day of rehearsal. So Halfway! The show is such a treat, maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s called –

Woah, that was close! Almost blurted it out. That would have ruined the mystery of the ‘Mystery Musical’. Here are a few things I CAN tell you about it:

  1. The cast is incredible. I am absolutely spoilt to be working with the stunning (and tall- yay!) Debora Krizak, and my childhood idol from playschool, Simon Burke. They are joined by an equally incredible cast, including my 3rd- year buddy from WAAPA! What are the chances!
  2.  Along with a very clever (and efficient) production team, Dean Vince and Hayden Baltrop are the absolute best, and have already got us through a stumble of Act 1!
  3. If rehearsals are hinting at anything,  it’s that this show is going to be an absolute delight for both  actors and audience members.

Here are a few picture clues, any ideas?

File 27-02-2016, 7 23 50 PM (1)File 27-02-2016, 7 20 33 PMFile 27-02-2016, 7 23 10 PMFile 27-02-2016, 7 21 07 PM


Want to solve the mystery? Come along tonight!  Not only will you be thoroughly entertained while the secret show is revealed, you’ll be supporting the under-funded independent sector. So, win win!

Come and have a drink and a chat in person! Get your tickets here.





Matilda Moran

Raised as a musician from a young age, Matilda received her LTCL on clarinet and has enjoyed singing Jazz with James Morrison at many festivals. A Sydney-sider, Matilda grew up performing in the State Schools Spectacular and graduated the acclaimed Talent Development Project before moving overseas to work as a Lead Production Vocalist with MSC Cruises. She is a graduate of WAAPA's Bachelor of Music Theatre course 2015 and joins the AussieTheatre team as a regular columnist.

Matilda Moran

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