Jamie Ward: Rob Guest Endowment Finalist 2011

 Our second interview is with WAAPA graduate, Jamie Ward, who most recently appeared in GFO’s production of Dr. Zhivago. He also featured in STC’sSpring Awakening in 2010.  

  Jamie WardIn less that a week, the 2011 Rob Guest Endowment will take place at Her Majesty’s Theatre Melbourne (Monday 10 October). In the lead up to the gala concert, AussieTheatre.com will feature a short interview with each of the 6 finalists. Yesterday, we featured Gretel Scarlett, today we speak with Jamie Ward. AussieTheatre.com’s Cassie Tongue asks each finalist 10 quick questions about life, the industry and their pre-performance rituals!   Our second interview is with WAAPA graduate, Jamie Ward, who most recently appeared in GFO’s production of Dr. Zhivago. He also featured in STC’s Spring Awakening in 2010.  1 When did you know you wanted to be a performer?When I started acting like a judge in Mrs Ditz’s year 2 class, with an American accent (at least what I thought was an American accent).
2 What do you hope to achieve from the Rob Guest Endowment process?Is it wrong to say $10, 000?
3 When you found out you were a finalist, what was the first thing you did?Asked Laura if she was serious. No, haha, I rang my parents of course, they were extremely proud, it was a kind of surreal moment.
4 What is the most exciting thing about music theatre in Australia?It is the growth. We are becoming a leading country in this prestigious industry. Musical Theatre is a fine art, and it is a privilege to be a part of something that is seeming to take on the world.
5 If you could play any role (regardless of criteria such as age, gender, etc) what would it be?Marius
6 What’s your go-to, belt-it-out-in-the-shower song?Unfortunately not a musical theatre song. It would have to be Oasis’ Wonderwall, one of the greatest tunes in history me thinks.
7 How are you preparing for the upcoming concert?12 hours of practise, 30 push ups, 4 bench presses at 200 kgs, and a whole lot of honey tea with lemon.  I think preparation is the most important thing, ofcourse the song choice is crucial, and i have chosen two songs that I absolutely adore, both in sound and meaning, they push me to another world, and I love that, so that helps the preparation enormously.  I’ve been listening to the songs in their entirety with the show, and diving into exactly what they were meant to mean at that point. Also, when performing them out of context, I guess you have to just go with the flow.
8 Do you have any pre-performance rituals that you follow?No, not yet.
9 What’s the best piece of theatrical advice that you have been given?Breathe
10 Where do you hope to be in 5 years time? On Broadway baby! 

More About Jamie… 

As most do, Jamie began performing as a child, and it only seemed natural to pursue something he was truly in love with. It was also his love of sports and a protective mother that furthered Jamie’s career as an actor. Heavily involved in motor racing and BMX, Jamie soon discovered the down side to going fast – a fractured wrist and a rolled go-kart meant focusing on the dream of going to WAAPA to study musical theatre, seemingly two very different ends of the spectrum, yet two things Jamie wishes to have in his life forever. As a 17 year old, Jamie began WAAPA with confidence and a somewhat large ego, but he soon discovered how little he knew about honest and truthful acting, a journey which he hopes he can continue. During the beginning of 3rd year, Jamie was lucky enough to play the role Hanschen in STC’s production of Spring Awakening, and graduated with the amazing opportunity of being a part of John Frost’s Dr Zhivago. Recently he also made his film debut, playing the lead role of Sonny in Gary Sofarelli’s Lotus. Jamie wishes to not only thank his loving parents Susan and Richard for their never ending support, but also every mentor and fellow actor who has helped him grow as a person, and he looks forward to the exciting journey that is unfolding.
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Cassie Tongue

Cassie is a theatre critic and arts writer in Sydney, and was the deputy editor of AussieTheatre. She has written for The Guardian, Time Out Sydney, Daily Review, and BroadwayWorld Australia. She is a voter for the Sydney Theatre Awards.

Cassie Tongue

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