Insightful Aphrodite – Love TV in Brisbane this week

Jemma Lanyon speaks with Rebecca McIntosh about her extraordinary show, Love TV. 

LoveTVRebecca McIntosh has created something extraordinary. From very humble beginnings in tents at fringe festivals, her show Love TV has grown into a joyful, internationally acclaimed, touring production.

The premise of the show is simple – Aphrodite (McIntosh) travels around with her massive, hot pink TV and clam-couch enticing people to open up about ‘love’- whether it be for people, passions or pastimes.

The success of the show is entirely attributable to Rebecca’s warm, bubbly personality. Even in our short interview, her infectious laugh has me giggling along very quickly. Funny, smart and a little mischievous, it’s easy to see why people open up to her. Rebecca posts her upcoming gigs on her website and invites people in the community she will be visiting to tell her which local personalities they want to hear from. She has interviewed many different people around the world, and is heading to New York later this year.

LoveTV2The community engagement angle is only one aspect of Love TV. When I ask Rebecca why, in a live show, has she decided to involve the television medium, her answer fascinates me.

“The power of TV gives people validation”, she said,  “we would all love to be on TV!”

I think she’s onto something there. In a society where you can be famous for being famous; where people can post on Twitter or Facebook from their smartphone in a continuous live-stream, Big Brother is no longer the shadowy, menacing figure of Orwell’s 1984.

We are so accustomed (or even addicted) to surveillance that we now often feel worthless if we are not being watched…

It does give you pause to think; the difference a camera can make in our lives is emphasized by the set up of the show. You can either watch the interviews from inside the giant pink TV in the flesh, or you can go to the 70’s style lounge room set, which is also part of the installation, and watch the live recording.

If you want to see previous interviews (I highly recommend the one with Noel Fielding), they are posted as clips on Rebecca’s website:

If you missed Rebecca at the Rumpus Room in West End last Friday night, then don’t fret. Brisbanites can still catch Love TV at QTC’s Billie Brown Studio this Friday, March the 16th. Her guests will include author, Krissy Kneen and actress, Melanie Zanetti.

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