Fringe Fever: Ash Flanders from Sisters Grimm performs in Fugly at the Melbourne Fringe

 Today, our Fringe Fever Profile is on Ash Flanders from Sisters Grimm, who will be performing the show Fugly! at the Melbourne Fringe Festival this weekend. 

 Ash Flanders founded trash camp company Sisters Grimm with Declan Greene. To make up for things like all the Helpman award-nomination (Dec), critical acclaim (Dec), Writers Festival panels (Dec), sold out stand up (Ash), critical acclaim (Ash) and Dracula’s (Ash), the Sisters are gathering Melbourne’s Fugliest and taking over the Melbourne Fringe Club for one night.

Show Info:


What’s your show called?
Fugly! When is it on?
Saturday September 24th 

Where is it on?  
Fringe Club – Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall How do you get there by public transport?
Get a tram, duh – Tram: 57, Stop: 12 Is there parking?
Sure is. 

What time does it start?
How much are tickets?
Nudda. Are tickets available at the door?
No tickets, duh.

For more information, visit the Melbourne Fringe Festival Website  

A Quick Chat with Ash Flanders from Sisters Grimm 

 FuglyWhat three words best describe you Fringe show? Messy, Wild, Sorry. Who does your show speak to? Partygoers, tranny-chasers, bedwetters and ne’er-do-wells. What other Fringe show will you NOT miss?  Bron Battern’s show (Sweet Child of Mine) and I know there’s a lot of noise outside but you have to close your eyes by I’m Trying To Kiss You. What do you love most about the Melbourne Fringe? The chance to see all our friends do what they love. And then cuss each other out. How many Melbourne Fringes have you performed in? I think 3?? If you could invite anyone to see your show (and you know they would come), who would it be? Jan Brady – to show her that freaks and losers are secretly the best people. What is the best theatre advice you’ve received? “No one has time for your bullshit, Ash” What was your most embarrassing moment on stage? Clearly none of us embarrass easily. One time Declan ate raw meat and vomited on himself whilst I pretended to perform cunnilingus on him (of course we were playing ‘women’). I was only embarrased because as the vomit ran down my neck, I knew I will clearly never be punk or hardcore… I’m just too damn prissy. Do you have any pre- or post-show rituals? I have one rule – you can self-loathe pre-show but self-harming is strictly a post-show treat. What’s your favourite theatre superstition? Do you believe it? I heard that if you say the words Rhonda Burchmore 19 times whilst looking into a mirror she will appear and sing to you. Naturally I’m too scared to test it out. What was the last book you read? Manservant and Maidservant by Ivy Compton-Burnett. And the Tammy Faye autobiography.  What TV show do you never miss?  How Clean is Your House, Judge Judy, America’s Next Top Model and Rupaul’s Drag Race. What film will you watch again and again? Desperate Living. Who will hate your Fringe show? Anyone who despises fun, mess and the lovable Angus Cerini. What was your first time on stage? I played a very compelling Wise Man in a school play. What is the first theatre show you remember seeing? Return to the Forbidden planet. A sci-fi jukebox musical with dialogue taken from Shakespeare. I would still love that show. If you had access to the TARDIS, what performance would you see first? Maybe Bette Davis in The Night of the Iguana…… apparently it was just awful. What director/actor/writer would you just die to work with? Justin Bond…. maybe. What is your favourite theatre space in Melbourne? I’m partial to a Brunswick Lounge room. Where in Melbourne do you always take visitors? Nowhere – my visitors understand my agoraphobia. How do you have your coffee?In an IV Drip. What’s the best pizza topping? Mushroom and chilli What do love most about your Fringe show? It’s a FREE PARTY with THE BEST PEOPLE performing NEW MATERIAL all in the name of a GOOD TIME. You can read old reviews of Sisters Grimm at Anne-Marie’s blog: 

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Erin James

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