Erin Cornell talks life, The Voice and her new show: Wild Heart

Erin Cornell is as mercurial as she is intense, and it is always only a couple of minutes into our coffee that her energy rubs off on me.

I’m suddenly more positive, more passionate and feeling like I really should be more productive as she has achieved more since getting up than I have this week.

A prolific performer and vocal coach Erin most recently appeared on Chanel Nine’s The Voice Australia and has written a brand new show Wild Heart: Acoustic and Live which will take place in Sydney at The Old Fitz Hotel next Monday.

I caught up with Erin to talk about her crazy life, The Voice and her new show:

You’ve just finished The Voice Australia as a member of Team Delta. What was the experience like?

Erin Cornell on The Voice Australia | Photo Supplied

I learnt a lot. It’s a positive yet high pressured environment. You simply get swept up in it.

I didn’t expect to get as nervous as I did on my blind audition but when I got up there I thought this is a lot. It was a moment of now or never to dive in and give it my best shot.

I now have so much respect for anyone that does it, as I have experienced how high the stakes can be.

Is performing on television different to live theatre?

Yes and no.

There was still a live audience which I found so helpful to vibe off. Getting used to using in-ears is a skill in its self.

You’re a sort after Vocal Coach, Performer, Rahanni Healer. How do you have the time to fit everything in?

I will say, I do find it a massively challenging finding balance, but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity’s that have come my way. I believe we are here to serve with all the gifts we have been given otherwise it’s a waste.

Coaching is a massive part of my life that I feel passionate about, as I have experienced some highs and lows in my career. I’ve learnt and continue to learn from both. It’s important for me to pass on this knowledge that has helped me so I can make someone else’s journey simpler. I am pretty shameless with the stories I share!

You were Delta Goodrem Standby in CATS. How was it working with her again as your coach on The Voice?

Special. Delta is a Survivor and one of the best in her game. She has a lot to share and I  learnt a lot from her about that side of the industry.

You recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne. How are you finding the change?

It’s honestly been so busy since arriving with corporate gigs, getting this glorious show-up and coaching lot’s I haven’t had a lot of time to sit back and enjoy it but I’ve found it very welcoming. Cold but welcoming!

You’re part of the stellar faculty of “The Spring Music Theatre Intensive” that’s happening in Melbourne in October. Alongside Anna O’Byrne, Andy Conaghan, Lucy Maunder and Christie Whelan- Browne that’s just naming a few. What a lineup…

I know. it’s very exciting. Anna and Andy have created a very special space for us to guide. It’s important to all of us that we approach the sharing of our knowledge in a positive environment.

I’m a strong believer that our word is powerful and can ingrain in someone’s mind forever.

I am passionate about being impeccable with my world to my students. I think bashing people down in that old school critical way has had its day.

You have a new show Wild Heart: Acoustic and Live. What is it about?

I designed it to be musically quite different from any of my solo concerts in the past. It’s very vulnerable. The arrangments of some of my favourite songs and songs from my career are stripped back acoustically.

I’ve been so fortunate to work with one of the greatest guitarists I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with Aaron Syrjanen and my backing singers twin sIster duo Mojo. They are honestly some of the most gifted musos that bring so much to my show. I’m super proud to share it.

What can we expect in your show WILD HEART Acoustic and Live?

A lot of heart, some ridiculous tales of truth and hysteria and Some fierce singing. From musical theatre to pop and jazz.

What’s next?

I’d love to focus on my acting for a hot second. I have been doing lot’s of singing which is glorious but acting feeds my soul.

A friend and I are in the midst of writing a web series. So fun.

Dream roles to play in the future?

Norma Desmond – Sunset Boulevard

Fantine- Les Mis

Wentworth baby!

I’d really love to host as well… like the female Graham Nortan.

Don’t miss Erin’s show:

Acoustic and Live

The Old Fitz Hotel / Monday, 19 August 2019 8:00 pm

For more information on Erin visit:

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