DISNEY PRINCESS THE CONCERT – A magical journey with Krysta Rodriguez

In a world where dreams come true, the enchanting magic of Disney Princesses takes centre stage in Disney Princess – The Concert. This extraordinary event invites audiences to embark on a captivating musical journey, celebrating the timeless songs of every Disney Princess. From cherished classics like “How Far I’ll Go” to the iconic “Let It Go,” attendees are in for a spellbinding experience filled with larger-than-life animations, dazzling theatrical effects, and exclusive behind-the-scenes stories shared by the stars themselves.

Krysta Rodriguez

One of the illustrious Broadway icons gracing the stage of this wondrous production is Krysta Rodriguez, a gifted performer renowned for her memorable roles, including the feisty Meg in Disney’s stage adaptation of the beloved Hercules.

Krysta’s journey into the enchanting world of musical theatre began at an early age when she was spellbound by the classic musical Annie. “She’s a princess in her own right,” she recalls, “and I just knew I wanted to be on stage in some capacity.” Her unwavering passion led her to an arts high school, and eventually, she found herself in New York, where she fell head over heels for Broadway after witnessing eight shows in eight days. From there, her career blossomed, and she amassed an impressive list of theatrical credits including Cinderella in Into The Woods, Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Anita in West Side Story, Ilse in Spring Awakening, Diana in A Chorus Line, and originating the role of Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family.

For Krysta, the allure of performing lies in the deep camaraderie she shares with fellow artists, a sentiment she also discovers with her colleagues in Disney Princess – The Concert. “I can be with my friends, support other princesses, travel the world, and have a community of excited, singing, and dressing-up fans!” She joins Australia’s own Award‑winning stage and television actress Rachael Beck (original Belle in Australia’s Beauty and the BeastHey, Dad..!), Broadway favourites Steffanie Leigh (Mary Poppins in Mary PoppinsGigi) and Storm Lever (Anne Boleyn in SixThe Donna Summer Musical) for the national tour.

Krysta Rodriguez as Megara in Hercules | Photo by Joan Marcus

Disney Princess – The Concert brings together a remarkable ensemble of Broadway performers, each with a profound connection to a Disney Princess. Krysta and her co-stars bring various Princesses to life, infusing the classics with a fresh and diverse perspective. “We tell stories about backstage experiences, how we secured our roles, and listen to each other’s captivating tales,” she says.

The Disney Princesses continue to captivate audiences of all ages, transcending generations with their enduring appeal – these iconic characters serve as timeless symbols of courage, kindness, and resilience, resonating with viewers as they navigate life’s challenges and dreams. In an ever-changing world, the Disney Princesses remain relevant, offering both nostalgia and inspiration to new generations who continue to find comfort and empowerment in their stories and timeless values. Krysta agrees that there’s something undeniably magical about Disney that transcends time:

Even when I was a kid, I loved Disney – and I continue to love it. I grew up in Southern California, so I went to Disneyland all the time. I was obsessed with Ariel, and then Belle, and then all the Princesses. They continue to grow with us. They become role models and inspire us that magic can happen if we stay true to ourselves and and help others along the way.

She extends a heartfelt invitation to everyone to experience the wonder of Disney Princess – The Concert. She describes it as an immersive experience featuring powerhouse voices, breathtaking visuals, and new musical arrangements that will rekindle your love for cherished songs. Whether you’re a child in a princess costume, a parent reliving cherished memories, or someone simply in love, this concert offers something for everyone.

As Krysta and her fellow performers embark on this magical journey, Disney Princess – The Concert promises to be an unforgettable celebration of the timeless charm and enduring appeal of Disney’s beloved princesses, leaving audiences of all ages spellbound by its enchanting melodies and captivating stories.

For tickets and more information, visit the TEG Dainty website.

Gabi Bergman

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Gabi Bergman

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