Behind The Curtains: An Exciting Sneak Peek into the Australian Premiere of Beauty and the Beast

As the saying goes, every performance begins with a rehearsal. This old adage stands incredibly true for the highly-anticipated Australian premiere of the musical sensation, “Beauty and the Beast”, slated for June 2023 at Sydney’s majestic Capitol Theatre. On Thursday, May 11, some of the enchanting Australian cast gave the media a tantalizing taste of what’s to come with an exclusive peek into their intensive rehearsals and a glimpse of the vibrant number “Belle” led by Shubshri Kandiah (Belle), Andy Cook (Gaston), and Nick Cox (Le Fou).

A Star-Studded Cast

From the moment the cast was announced, excitement began to brew. Shubshri Kandiah, embodying the role of Belle, is set to charm audiences with her effervescent spirit and exceptional vocal prowess. Kandiah, a celebrated name in Australian theatre, is best known for her role as Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin. Her luminous performance left no doubt that she is perfectly suited to breathe life into Belle, the kind-hearted and intelligent protagonist.

Accompanying Kandiah is Andy Cook, who will be taking on the role of Gaston, the show’s flamboyant antagonist. Cook, with his commanding presence and rich baritone, is guaranteed to deliver a compelling performance. He’s been a prominent figure in the Australian theatre scene, with notable roles in productions such as “Moulin Rouge! The Musical” and “Oklahoma”.

Joining them is Nick Cox, who will be stepping into the shoes of Le Fou, Gaston’s bumbling sidekick. Cox, a veteran of the stage with a knack for comedic timing, will undoubtedly add a whimsical touch to the show. His past performances in “Into The Woods” and “Les Miserables” have demonstrated his versatility and commitment to character portrayal.

A Glimpse Into Rehearsals

The exclusive sneak peek offered an intimate look into the meticulous and rigorous process behind staging a major musical production. The rehearsal space was brimming with energy, as the cast honed their harmonies, perfected their choreography, and immersed themselves in the intricate nuances of their characters.



Kandiah, donned in her rehearsal attire, was seen pouring her heart into the iconic opening number Belle, leaving everyone in the room spellbound. Cook and Cox, meanwhile, were observed mastering the comedic timing and physical comedy essential to their roles, their camaraderie evident and infectious.

The creative team, led by the director and choreographer Matt West, and musical director Luke Hunter, supervised every detail, ensuring the enchanting world of “Beauty and the Beast” is brought to life with authenticity and flair. Their dedication to creating a spellbinding spectacle was evident in their attention to detail, from the precise execution of dance moves to the passionate rendition of the beloved musical score.



Anticipation Builds

As the premiere draws closer, the excitement surrounding “Beauty and the Beast” is palpable. The sneak preview offered a tantalizing glimpse into the magic that awaits audiences at the Capitol Theatre in June.

“Beauty and the Beast” promises to be a theatrical experience like no other. With its star-studded cast, a creative team with a clear vision, and a timeless story about the transformative power of love, the stage is set for an unforgettable production.

As the cast and crew work diligently behind the scenes, audiences await the chance to be transported to the heart of this enchanting tale. “Beauty and the Beast” is not just a performance – it’s a celebration of love, courage, and the magic of theatre.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah is a British born Communication and Media Graduate from the University of Leeds. Sarah has written for a number of publications and has an avid interest in theatre and the arts in general.

Sarah Johnson

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