Caroline Reid is bringing Pam Ann to an ‘airport’ near you

Pam Ann
Pam Ann

After a couple of phone connection drop outs I finally managed to chat to Caroline Reid, better known as hostess from hell, Pam Ann.

Charm itself, she expounded on her amazing career which began in 1996: “I never thought she would last so long. Neither did a lot of people!”

Asked to describe Pam, Reid had no hesitation in naming her character as “Bitch first, flight attendant second. She is a 60’s based creation!”

Quizzed on the fabulous list of 17 other hilarious international high flying characters in her repertoire, Reid told me most of these characters come into play in advertisements, promotional films and, of course, she is a social media superstar!

For loads of laughs just check out YouTube.

In live performances she relies on the unstoppable Pam Ann, with occasional forays into Lily (Singapore Airlines):  “A Singapore Chinese flight attendant who would sacrifice patient safety for her Gucci handbag”.

Reid enjoys special relationships with British Airways (BA), who have bravely and successfully used her persona in ad campaigns. Indeed she works with their chosen charity, Flying Start.

KLM, Lufthansa and Air France are also close friends and supporters.

Hence, when asked about frequent flyer programmes, Reid says “I like to mix it up a bit.” The former Melbourne girl adds that “New York is a perfect base to travel around the state and across to Europe.”

Are all flights useful for material? “Ooh yes there’s always something you can pick up.” she says with a deep throaty chuckle.

As a well known artist Reid travels in comfort, but notes Pam Ann is only seen at the pointy end of the plane and would probably refuse to venture further down to Business or God forbid, cattle/coach.

A gay icon, Pam Ann has been a guest of honour at Sydney Mardi Gras celebrations more than once. However it is safe to say her hilariously horrible appeal is universal.

Plane Filthy

Sydney: State Theatre – Friday 28 February

Perth: Regal Theatre – Friday 7 March


Brisbane: The Tivoli – Wednesday 12 March

Melbourne: The Princess Theatre – Friday 14 March

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