Ahoy sailors! H.M.S Pinafore is pulling into the Hayes Theatre harbour!

H.M.S Pinafore began its run at the Hayes Theatre last night. This story was written by Thomas Campbell, who appears in the production.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas are enormous fun. Topsy turvy plots, glorious melodies and brilliant satire are a joy for both audiences and performers alike. Come and join the camp silliness of our HMS Pinafore at the Hayes Theatre!

When I was 15, I was cast in the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Tasmania’s production of Ruddigore. It was my first non-school production and for this little queen, it was a big deal! Ruddigore is one of G & S’s lesser-known works but as chorus members, we got to play soldiers, sailors, townspeople AND ghosts. Stretching those acting muscles early, hey?!

Cast of H.M.S Pinafore Photo by Philip Erbacher

That production was joyous for many reasons but the one thing I remember most of all were the absurd circumstances and inherent silliness of it all! G & S demands artists to be constantly alive, inventive and creative and embrace its nature to tie together the purposefully absurd plots.

Coming back to another G & S show, all these years later, it’s been highlighted how that first experience formed my approach as an actor for the rest of my career. The most inventive work comes when I’m having fun and being silly in rehearsals. I’ve always been drawn to theatrical experiences where performers and creatives are given permission to be playful and free in rehearsals. Those productions keep audiences constantly surprised.

H.M.S Pinafore answers the burning question of whether love can truly overcome all. In this version, Sullivan’s music remains the same and Gilbert’s biting wit still cuts to the core with lines such as Josephine’s intended suitor, Joseph Porter saying  ‘I always voted at my party’s call and I never thought of thinking for myself at all!’. Malcolm Turnbull much?

Thomas Campbell in H.M.S Pinafore Photo by Philip Erbacher

I’ve worked with director, Kate Gaul, many times and I love the ingenuity and theatricality she brings to all her productions. She challenges the company to embrace her strong vision and constantly reminds us that everything must be in aid of the story. She’s also cast me in my dream role of Little Buttercup, an older bum boat woman who dreams of a life with a gorgeous unattainable man. Very easy to relate.

This production is an inventive take with 19th Century style and 21st Century elements (Drag Race!) colliding together in a camp and colourful party atmosphere! Put on your best-sequinned party frock and come aboard!

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One thought on “Ahoy sailors! H.M.S Pinafore is pulling into the Hayes Theatre harbour!

  • Having seen this production last night, I can say it is amazing and hilarious. The show respects the G&S heritage yet makes it contemporary and edgy. So worth seeing!


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