A Quick Chat with Erin Cornell

Australian vocal powerhouse Erin Cornell is back with a brand new show All of Me: An Evening with Erin Cornell, a spellbinding journey which will transcend musical genres – from Judy Garland to Ella Fitzgerald, Loreena Mackenitt to John Farnham, Sondheim to Annie Lennox, Schwartz to Queen, Lloyd Webber to Adele.

This special concert will feature Erin Cornell’s incredible vocal talents, supported by some very special guests, including Ben Clark (2018 The Voice Semi-Finalist), a four-piece band and backing vocalists.

Opening in Sydney at Ginger’s at the Oxford Hotel on the 10 & 12 of August before heading to Toff in Town, Melbourne of August 20 and Crazy Coos London on the 30 September. All of Me is sure to leave audiences laughing, crying and belting higher than they ever thought possible.

What’s your name and what do you do?
My name is Erin Cornell. Im a Performer, Vocal Coach and Nature Lover

What’s your most underrated or unknown talent?
I do a killer Lizard impersonation and play the trumpet

What makes you laugh?
Heath Keating’s Rachel Marron impersonation, SNL Skit- “I love it, I love it” Molly Shannon

What are you reading?
Earth is hiring- Peter Kelly

Who is your role model?
Rebecca Campbell, Debra Byrne, Oprah,  John Bell, Abraham Hicks

The world needs more…
authenticity and compassion

The world needs less…

What tools do you need to be creative?
love, honesty, bravery, opening wide and most important white space

What’s your happy place?
mmmm I have so many – Sherbrooke Forest, Meditating, Glastonbury, Edinburgh,  My Apartments Up yaself Harbour rooftop view in Sydney,  At home in my PJ’s with my sparkly slippers watching “Younger” with Indian food and HALO ice cream.

Which show (other than your own) you think people should drop everything and see?
In The Heights – Bluesaint Productions, Calamity Jane – Belvoir – Virginiaaaaa Gay!!!!!!!!!

What was the last piece of theatre/film/TV that really left an impression on you?
Theatre –   A view from a Bridge (Old Fitz)
Musical – In the Heights
TV – The Beautiful Lie (ABC)

There isn’t enough art about?
How great bed socks are

What three things can’t you live without?
Meditating, hanging out in nature, laughter

Go-to shower belting song?
Oh Sherrie – Steve Perry

If you could change one thing about the Australian theatre industry, what would that be?
Less clean cut and take risks.

What’s the most used app on your phone?

What do you wish you had been told before starting in this industry?
Putting people on a pedestal diminishes you so don’t do it. We’re all the same babyyyyy.

What are you addicted to?
The ritual of my daily coffee – from the keep cup, to the walk to the cafe, to the interaction with the coffee shop gang, to the caffeine high. Just all of it.

What city do you live in and why?
Sydney – It’s shiny and fast paced. A city of endless possibilities and blue skies. I pinch myself daily when I wake up and see my up yaself harbour view from my apartment. It simply is spectacular and never get’s old.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Still creating, Facilitating, Inspiring, Growing, Authentically showing up and NOT SINGLE (anyone?)

Tickets for All of Me are available at: Erincornell.net

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