A Quick Chat With Celia Kelly

Celia Kelly is appearing in “Nuns” at Newtown Theatre and “Pride and Prejudice in 10 minutes” at NIDA’s Parade Playhouse in February as part of Short+Sweet.
Visit www.shortandsweet.org

Celia KellyCelia Kelly is appearing in “Nuns” at Newtown Theatre and “Pride and Prejudice in 10 minutes” at NIDA’s Parade Playhouse in February as part of Short+Sweet.
Visit www.shortandsweet.org
As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
As a child I dreamed of being a Vet or a Zoologist. I’ve always loved animals so working with them and having the ability to save them, and their environment would be amazing. I still try my best to do this, and hope to use my acting as a means to spread awareness about animal cruelty and the benefits of a vegetarian / vegan lifestyle

Who is the most important person in the world to you?
My Mum, because she is my best friend and the wisest person I know.

What animal best represents you and why?
Probably a Gorilla. Because they are very curious animals and love learning new things. They are also extremely sensitive creatures, they keep to themselves but can also be very expressive and protective of their loved ones. They are also vegetarian!

If you were a contestant on Deal or No Deal, how much would you need to be on offer before you walked away?
I can’t stand reality game shows so you probably wouldn’t ever catch me on one.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever had?
I don’t go on ‘dates’. The idea of them is too intimidating and bores me.

Windows or MAC?
Indifferent. As long as it has a screen, and keys and I know how to use it, it’s good.

Which Spice Girl was your favourite?
Sporty, Because she was a bit of a tomboy, but still a beautiful feminine woman who represented physical fitness and healthy lifestyle, rather than just having the best tan, the longest and blondest hair or the biggest boobs.

Who is the actor you would be most like to work alongside?
Joaquin Phoenix. Because he is an amazing actor and an inspiring person.

What five songs would be the first you put a mix tape?
‘My Boy Lollipop’ by Lillie Small – Because I used to play it on record at my Mamgu’s (Welsh for Grandmother) house and dance around. Every time I hear it I feel like a child again. ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by The Beatles – Because it makes me feel so happy I want to cry! ‘Angel’ by Ben Harper – Because it’s such a beautiful song, he has a beautiful voice and it’s the first song I learnt to play on guitar. ‘Only You’ by Ayo – Because my mum told me to listen to it. ‘Cecilia’ by Paul Simon – Because at least once a year since I can remember when I tell someone my name they start singing it to me.

What is the best thing about theatre in Australia?
There is always something on to go and see, learn something from and get inspired by!

What is the worst thing about theatre in Australia?
Not having enough money to go and see it!

Favourite food?
I have been Vegan for the past 9 months, so it would probably be all the delicious food I am discovering now that I am more aware of what I am eating.
Fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and berries, pasta, and everything at ‘Loving Eden’ on Glebe Point Road. AMAZING food!

What would you do if you found a wallet on the ground?
Look inside to see if there was any ID and return it.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Probably doing work experience at my local Vet and seeing lots of sick animals in pain, old animals who needed to be put down and the sad eyes of unwanted animals in cages who just wanted a home and some hugs.

What’s the first website you visit when you come online?
My email. Very exciting stuff.

Name one moment when you looked around, breathed happily and felt content
I have moments like this all the time. Especially in the past year. Life is truly amazing, weird, wonderful and nearly completely out of our control, the more I am realising and accepting this, the more of these moments I have. 🙂

Red or white?
Both. Because they remind me of the flag of England. Where I was born.

Where is the most interesting place you have travelled?
I just got back from celebrating New Years at the Falls Festival in Lorne, Victoria. It was an absolutely beautiful experience. Lots of camping, healthy food, fantastic music, interesting people, beautiful starry nights and refreshingly cold showers.

Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?
Cate Blanchett. I went to see ‘Tales from the Vienna Woods’ when I was in my first year of college and she was there. I went up and said hello. Incredibly beautiful and inspiring woman.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
It’s a secret 😉

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