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I’m just back from the very cold city of Melbourne, wow that wind is penetrating.

I’m just back from the very cold city of Melbourne, wow that wind is penetrating. But something that is definitely not cold is the amazing theatre scene in Melbourne. I love Sydney, it is my hometown, and I love living here, but most would agree when it comes to art, Melbourne has us beaten hands down.

I went down to Melbs for opening night of the Melbourne premiere season of The Subtle Art oO Flirting. It had done some great business in Sydney in 2005 / 2006, selling out three seasons, and I was looking forward to seeing it in another city, but also directed, produced and performed by an entirely different company. But more on that in a moment.

On Monday I had a day when I got to wander through the Melbourne streets, and there just seems to be so many theatres, producing so much great work. From the big marquee musicals and productions, to the tiny little shows, which people go and see, not because they know someone in the show, but because they just enjoy theatre. Reason enough to love this city! I got to catch up with my good mate Fiona Hallenan-Barker who’s down in Melbs to study at the VCA. I sat with utter amazement (and just a hint of jealousy) as Fiona told me stories of going to see great shows in all these wonderful venues. Venues in dark lanes and rundown buildings, that look terrible on the outside, but inside are producing gems. Many more indy venues than Sydney. I was definitely suffering venue envy by this stage.

But now to the show. Produced by the wonderfully talented Samantha Kenny, a great actress and now a fantastic producer, I was delighted to see her bring one of my favourite works to Victoria. And with the direction being carried about by esteemed actor, Scott Major, I knew how fabulous the show was going to be. And I wasn’t disappointed. In a great little pub venue, the Newtown Worker’s Club in Fitzroy, the show feels at home. And what an amazing cast, a true ensemble. It would be unfair for me to single out any performer, as they all bring magic to the stage.

I sat in the audience on opening night with my friend Nicole da Silva, who’s now living down in Melbourne to shoot Rush. She was in the original three seasons in Sydney with me, and we couldn’t wait to see a new interpretation born. And we were not disappointed. My big laugh got a great workout, the cast are hilarious. Well done guys, you’ve made this writer proud.

Tickets can be booked by phoning, 0438 123 345. So if you’re in Melbourne, go see it. And if you’re not in Melbourne, it could be time for a visit. This passionate Sydneysider is a definite fan!

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