5 Ways to get out of a creative slump and back on track

Whether it’s preparing for an audition, a performance or just life in general we all feel a moment when we need a little extra motivation.

Sophie Wright delves into some quick and easy ways we can get ourselves over that creative hump and back on track.



Sophie Wright writes for AussieTheatre for her Wicked Wellness column as she teaches performers and creative types how to incorporate wellness and learn skills such as mindfulness, positive habits and thoughts to add to their performing lives.

She has recently started her own online coaching business for young performers wanting advice on how to audition for drama schools, how to overcome and banish nerves and build confidence in their performing.

Check out her website for more details! 

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Sophie Wright

Sophie’s love of performing started from an early age when she would sing and dance to command attention from her three older siblings! Sophie is now a professional performer and a mindset and wellness coach for performers and creative types. She has online coaching and shares her knowledge of performing, mindset and wellness to help everyone build a more confident and resilient approach to any industry. To visit her website go to Create A Wellness or follow her on her instagram for daily inspiration at Createawellness.

Sophie Wright

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