Handy websites – part 2: Dropbox

Dropbox – www.dropbox.com


This week I am discussing another web service that I use virtually every day and is great for backing up important files or sharing files with other people. The service is Dropbox, and again, it is free!!! Although it does have a paid version if you REALLY love it, or if you find you are using it so much you need more space.


The idea behind Dropbox is that it creates an online folder for you to store files. It is what is known as “cloud computing” because the files are stored on a server somewhere in a remote location, or as far as we are concerned they may as well be in a cloud. The advantage is that you can access the files from any computer, anywhere in the world, and that they are completely safe. If your laptop is stolen, your house burns down, or more likely, if your hard-disk fails or you accidentally delete something they are backed up.


What sets dropbox apart from other services is that you don’t have to actively upload files, through a website or program. It places a directory on your computer and you just save the files like you would in any other folder and they are immediately backed up on the server. This means you still have a copy locally on your computer as well. It is very simple to set up and start using, which is another plus. 


A further brilliant feature is that as you update a file it keeps copies of the older versions. If you completely deleted your CV or saved the wrong information by accident, you can just log onto the website and recover the version from last week that was correct. 


Dropbox can also be installed on more than one computer, so if you have a computer at home and one at work, your dropbox folder is automatically available in both locations.


One of the main features I use in my web design work is the ability to share folders with another person. Once you are both registered with dropbox you create a folder and invite the other person to join that folder. Whatever is placed in there is immediately synced between the two (or more) people. Great for sharing photos, working together on a document or for people you send files to often.


Like Instapaper (discussed last week), there is also an iPhone app (and I believe there is a Android app as well), which allows to view everything in your folder and email a link to it. Perfect if you need to send your CV to someone and you are out and about and all you have on you is your phone.


So check it out and see what you think. Dropbox


Have a good week.

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