How well do you know ‘The Original Grease’?

Grab a coffee and sit down with Matilda Moran this week to find out about her first week of rehearsals for Squabbalogic’s The Original Grease and see how you score in her quiz!

So somehow we’ve managed to teleport from the first week of rehearsal to the last in a blink. On Friday we ran our show twice. A complete show. When did that happen?!

With less than a week until our first preview, this pretty much sums up our rehearsal room:IMG_4126

  • A props table with a whole lot of weapons, rice- pudding and ‘Vote for Patty’ badges.
  • Cast members napping on couches, I won’t name names (Michelle).
  • Lots of super tall, pointy heels trying to walk quietly around the space.
  • A table of consistently delicious baked treats (Aaron Robuck is my hero).
  • A whole lotta love, laughter and hand- jiving; Burger Palace Boys, Pink Ladies and randoms alike.


One question I keep getting asked by my friends and family is “How well will I know this version of ‘Grease’”? So, I’ve developed a quiz for you to test your knowledge. This may be the most ‘Patty Simcox’ thing I’ve ever done…

How well do you know “The Original Grease”?

  1. When and where is the show set?
  1. Name the four Pink Ladies
  1. From what school did Sandy Dumbrowski transfer to Rydell High?
  1. What athletic team does Danny Zuko join?
  1. Who wrote ‘The Original Grease’?
  1. Name one song featured in the ‘Rydell High Halloween Hop’.
  1. Which character is referred to as “rump”?
  1. Who does Sonny take to the dance?
  1. Whose house do the girls have a sleepover at?
  1. Whose line is this: “Patty Simcox, she’s such an awesome girl. The coolest person at Rydell by far.”


Answers: 1. Chicago’s Northwest side, 1959. 2. Jan, Rizzo, Marty, Frenchy. 3. Immaculata. 4. Track team. 5. Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. 6. ‘Shakin’ At the High School Hop’, ‘Boogie Man Boogie’, or ‘Born to Hand Jive’.  7. Roger. 8. Cha Cha DiGregorio. 9. Marty. 10. No-one’s, but it’s true anyway.


Score 1-3: Well done *sarcastic slow clap*. Miss Lynch would kick you out of her class. Better come along to see the show and improve your score!

Score 4-7: Not bad, but definitely room for improvement. Eugene can help you study between April 6th– March 7th with his homework group at the Seymour Centre.

Score 8-10: NERD! Clearly you’ve done your homework, Patty is impressed. Come and receive your reward at the show! CONGRATULATIONS!

Disclaimer: Reward is seeing the musical you’re clearly obsessed with.


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Matilda Moran

Raised as a musician from a young age, Matilda received her LTCL on clarinet and has enjoyed singing Jazz with James Morrison at many festivals. A Sydney-sider, Matilda grew up performing in the State Schools Spectacular and graduated the acclaimed Talent Development Project before moving overseas to work as a Lead Production Vocalist with MSC Cruises. She is a graduate of WAAPA's Bachelor of Music Theatre course 2015 and joins the AussieTheatre team as a regular columnist.

Matilda Moran

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